General Pet Care Tasks


Mairi’s Animal Services offers home visits for your animals. This can be any length of time but usually, most needs are catered for within a short visit of up to fifteen minutes. If required we can send you a text afterwards to put you at ease.

For example, visits could be for:-

Cats/loose animals. A once or twice a day visit to feed, play and clean up after your pets. If you have more than one pet you can make a saving as we charge per visit. Other advantages are that if you have not managed to meet the conditions for a cattery or if your pet has trouble traveling/sleeping anywhere else, then this home visit option solves many problems.

Pets in confined areas such as cages/aquariums etc. We follow your brief as to how often you would like a visit which may vary because changing pet bedding or giving a cleanout may be required only once in a while.

Dogs. In addition to dog walking, we can visit your dog in your home. This could be for a variety of reasons:

  • A let out into the garden
  • Giving routine medication by prior agreement
  • Puppy care. Structured support in the early weeks can mean a lifetime of good habits.

We can also pick up your mail, put out/bring in your wheelie bins so that they can be emptied and also water any plants that need watering.

Contact Mairi for prices and any questions you may have about pet care in and around Bridgend, Linlithgow and West Lothian.

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